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BlackBerry Priv tear down guide | Karalux Vietnam

24K gold BlackBerry Priv Edition in Vietnam

With success in the previous gold-plated BlackBerry Passport and Passport Silver Edition BlackBerry, Karalux continue to release the business-class gilded BlackBerry Priv.

24K gold BlackBerry Priv Edition price in UK, London, Dubai, Saudi | Karalux

BlackBerry Priv has a curved 5.4 inch QHD screen with 2K and featuring Snapdragon 80 and teamed up with 3GB RAM. The Blackberry’s main camera an 18 MP model with Schneider-Kreuznach lens, supporting OIS, and 4K video recording and its battery is also up to 3360 mAh ( not really 3410 mAh ). Its sing front-facing speakers sound great, running along the entire bottom “chin” on the phone.

24K gold BlackBerry Priv Edition price in UK, London, Dubai, Saudi | Karalux

BlackBerry Priv owns curved screen across both sides like 2 well-known flagship of Samsung: Galaxy S6 and S6 edge + edges. The handset of Blackberry is impressive with its keyboard hidden below a slide-out curved screen. By a gently surfing, it will appear a QWERTY keyboard – a distinguishing feature of BlackBerry with four rows of keys like the famous Bold line.

One of the highlights of Blackberry is the unique design and high security.

Gold BlackBerry Priv with 24K gold plated BlackBerry Q10

the coat line of Blackberry Priv is thin than Q10

BlackBerry Priv with BlackBerry Passport Version and Q10

In Vietnam, the first BlackBerry Priv will be sold on Dec. 05th 2015. But at the moment, Karalux has a BlackBerry Priv to conduct gilding and introduce to technology lovers and BlackBerry fans.

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Unlike the previous generations, it is a little bit more difficult to disassemble BlackBerry Priv. Karalux engineers took nearly 2 hours to “operate” its details, and spent 4 more hours with more than 10 different procedures to complete the first gold-plated BlackBerry Priv in Vietnam.

For domestic customers, it costs VND 8 million for the gold-plating service, and 25 million for both phone and gold-plating. For international customers, the price is VND 30 million ( about 1500 USD )/ gold-plated handset.

Mr Quang Huy/


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Đặc biệt, Karalux còn được lựa chọn là nhà cung cấp các loại quà tặng cho các chính khách, Nguyên thủ Quốc gia, các đối tác nước ngoài, du khách Quốc tế khi đến Việt Nammeo-phong-thuy-4