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tháo mở Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 disassembly and gold-plating guides

Specializing in customizing and gold-plating phones and supercars, Royal Gold Gold & Karalux introduce images, videos of the process to easily disassemble Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Right after a smartphone Note version of Samsung was officially launched in Vietnam, a technical team of Royal Gold & Karalux studied in finding the best way to disassemble it with the aim at helping Android fans know its inside details, especially gold-plating it.

Note 4 gold, galaxy note4 mạ vàng 24K

How to disassemble Galaxy Note 4 to fix as well as gold-plate? In fact, I think it is extremely easy and simple to disassemble Galaxy Note; it’s even much easier to disassemble than iPhone 6.

The steps to disassemble Galaxy Note as followings:

Step 1:

– Get out a SIM card, a micro-SD, S-Pen, and plastic back panel of Note 4.

Hướng cách dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

– Pull out screws around the phone’s frame

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

– Remove battery, screws, the S-pen


– The screws of Galaxy Note has the same size (unlike the iPhone 6, its screws have many types with different sizes)

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

Step 2: Remove the screen

It is one of the most difficult steps, because the screen of the Galaxy Note is quite thin with Super AMOLED technology and is stuck by a special glue kind, so it must be softly and gently disassembled.

To remove the screen, you should prepare some plastic items, such as plastic knives, plastic trays … to prize up screen. Especially you also need a drier to soften the glue layer.

Like the iPhone 6, the technicians will use their nails to lightly press on the screen slot, and then use the plastic trays and knives to gently prize up and pry into the corners, slots to shake the glue layer.

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

– Use drier to heat up and soften the glue layer of the screen.

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

– After the glue layer becomes soft, using your nail to press into the seam of the phone’s edge, and use plastic items to gently pry.

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

– After removing the screen, the next stage is to remove the cable out of the Main Screen by a pair of tweezers.

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

– Once the screen is removed, you will see a thin copper foil under the screen

  Step 3: Remove the Mainboard, component array

With the plating tank method (Royal Gold & Karalux engineers will dip all items need gold plate into the tank of gold), the next step is to disassemble the details need gold-plating, including frame and some small details.

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

– Technical make the final check of all positions and screws before disassemble all items out of the frame.

tháo mở Samsung Galaxy Note 4

– Gently lift each corner out of aluminum frame

tháo mở Samsung Galaxy Note 4

– Gently and evenly pry each side

tháo mở Samsung Galaxy Note 4

– Note’s component array is disassembled out of aluminum frame

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cực dễ

The ring around of the Galaxy Note 4 frames create iridescent like iPhone 5 and ip5s version. Unlike iPhone – the surface of its frame is anodized aluminum, meanwhile the frame surface of Note is coated a thin paint layer.

Step 4: Process the Surface before 24 gold-plating

To gold-plate Galaxy Note 4, the Royal Gold & Karalux Engineers must carry out nearly 10 different stages; the first is to remove paint layers on the surface of the aluminum frame.

galaxy note 4 gold plated | Dien thoai samsung ma vang 24K

In order that the 24K gold layer is adhesive and durable, engineers continue processing and activating the surface, then continuously creating various metal layers, finally coating a 24K gold layer.


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