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Samsung Galaxy A5, A3, A7 mạ vàng 24K bởi Karalux

Karalux introduce gold-plated Samsung Galaxy A5

Right after mid-range Galaxy A5 and the Galazy A3 were launched into market, Karalux have rushed to introduce a unique gold-plated Samsung Galaxy A5 version.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 owns not only a slim design and metal frame but also a powerful configuration. This high-end phone version is powered by the 64-bit processor and two high-quality cameras. This is also good news for the Sfans who want to own a full gold-plated body Galaxy A5.


Samsung Galaxy A5 features 5-inch Super AMOLED screen with resolution of 1280 × 720. Thanks to the latest Super AMOLED technology, the Galaxy A5 can not only give the real, sharp and vivid images but also save power saving and soft light.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 is one of the leading Android smartphones on the use of 64-bit processor instead of 32 bit processor as previous. A 64-bit quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 410 CPU powers the phone, while the Adreno 306 GPU handle graphics. The users can carry out various high-end tasks on Samsung Galaxy A5 such as smoothly open many applications at the same time, play powerful games or watch Full HD movies without any kind of lag.


 Gold-plated power button, Sim-card slot and microSD-card slot

With 13MP rear camera, the Galaxy A5 can help you take high-resolution and sharp images. Especially, the full HD video recording capabilities and high-quality recording system can give high quality and interesting videos.

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Besides the main camera, the front camera weighs in at 5MP, which can give vivid images and high quality Full HD video and increase the quality of “selfie images” or the conversation by video.


 Volume buttons on the left side is also gold-plated

Karalux introduce gold-plated Samsung Galaxy A5

Unlike previous phone series of Samsung, the shell of Galaxy A5 is made from aluminum

The gold-plated Samsung Galaxy A5 | Karalux Vietnam

The back of the Galaxy A5 is also coated a gold layer and design as customization

The gold-plated Samsung Galaxy A5 | Karalux Vietnam

Despite of a lot of advancement, not whole Galaxy A5 shell is made from aluminum and the upper and lower sides of its shell are coated plastic layers to receive and transmit signals.

The gold-plated Samsung Galaxy A5 | Karalux Vietnam

 Details on the top of the phone frame is exposed a white plastic layer

The gold-plated Samsung Galaxy A5 | Karalux Vietnam

And the charger port is also coated a white plastic layer as Galaxy Note 4

It takes 4 continuous working hours to complete the process of gold-plating, including removing and fully gold-plating. The gold-plating cost for a Galaxy A5 is VND 4 million ( 200 USD ). This may be the world-first gold-plated Galaxy A5 by Karalux.


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Khôi Nguyên/ Karalux


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