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Range Rover mạ vàng 24K, Autobiography Ultimate Edition

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition 24K gold plated in Vietnam

A luxurious Range Rover supercar looks more appealing and unique with a gold covering layer.

Range Rover is the luxurious and famous car series from Britain. In Range Rover car series, no one is as luxurious and expensive as Autobiography Ultimate Edition version, and there is only one car in Vietnam. After Karalux engineers “customize and add” a gold layer, Range Rover become more and more “pro”.

To create this unique 24K gold plated Range Rover version, it takes 20 consecutive working days.

The first stage is to take ideas with customers to create strange and “differential” features with any vehicle. As the specific of Range Rover series is made from many nonmetal materials. To improve the durability and make gold layer adhere on surface, the Karalux engineers decide to customize all new metal replaced details with a 1:1 ratio as the original parts of the car.

Two details of the turn signal indicator sockets are also customized

The outside line of the hood grille and front underbody of the Range Rover is also customized

The new details are customized for car wheels

The outside lines for driving mirrors and pieces which adhere on car body are added the new features

After processing the new details with absolute accuracy of 1:1, the next stage is to handle, polish and clean up the surface, and then activate the surface.

In order that the surface of gold layer is nice and shiny, the Karalux engineers continue to cover some other precious metal to forming a liner and then officially coat gold 24K.

After gold plating, the engineers will coat hard Nano paint outside the gold layer to protect it and avoid the external impact during using and improve durability of car in the Vietnamese climatic conditions.

“This is a special and limited supercar of the Range Rover series. And there is only one Autobiography Ultimate Edition version in Vietnam. After gold plating, this car will become a unique Range Rover supercar and become the first gold plated one over the world,” said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc – an engineer who implements the gold plating process of this car.

“With gold plating price in Vietnam, car owners can save from 1 to 3 billion VND. Furthermore, with gold plating measures and technologies of Karalux, VinaTAB are now getting a lot of orders from abroad and they are rushing to complete another supercars as Porcher, Audi and Mercedes in the next months” – he added.


Khôi Nguyên


Karalux là thương hiệu chế tác quà tặng mạ vàng cao cấp tại Việt Nam. Không chỉ nổi tiếng trên thế giới về độ vàng cho iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry. Karalux còn được biết đến là đơn vị tiên phong trong công nghệ mạ vàng, chuyên độ vàng cho siêu xe Rolls-Royce, BMW, Lexus.

Đặc biệt, Karalux còn được lựa chọn là nhà cung cấp các loại quà tặng cho các chính khách, Nguyên thủ Quốc gia, các đối tác nước ngoài, du khách Quốc tế khi đến Việt Nammeo-phong-thuy-4

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