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Vina TAB runs out of 24K gold-plated roses on Women day

Regularly, on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day or Vietnamese Women Day, 24K gold-plated roses with Karalux trademark of VinaTAB are all run out of.

“The price of 24K gold-plated roses is quite high. The lowest price, including box, is about 3 million VND. The highest is about 6 million VND,” said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc – representative of Royal Gold and Karalux at VinaTAB.

“These roses are handmade by craftsman of VinaTAB. They differ from others which are sold on the market in material (gold),” Mr. Khoi Nguyen, Marketing Manager of Royal Gold & Karalux, said when explaining the prices of these gold-plated roses.

“Although it is expensive, our roses are gold plated with real 24K gold meanwhile some current products on the market derived from China are gold-plated with fake gold,” Mr. Nguyen added.

VinaTAB is a pioneer in customizing and gold-plating gifts in Vietnam

To meet customers’ demands, VinaTAB unveiled 3 different models of gold-plated roses:

– Gold-plated roses with 24K gold: 3 million VND/rose

– Gold-plated roses with white gold: 4.5 million VND/rose

– Gold-plated roses with chocolate gold: 6 million VND/rose

It is known that these roses are made from ultra-thin copper foils, then shaped into petals, before fully making a rose, and the next step is 24K gold-plating.

God-plated roses with chocolate gold of VinaTAB and their certificate

As Mr. Le Anh Hung – a customer at Hoan Kiem, “Every year I often buy gold-plated roses and other gold-plated gifts of VinaTAB, because their products are handmade, especially they have certificates of gold and warranty and origin as well, not fake gold-plated roses that press uncovered a few years ago.”

Mr. Manh – a customer in Dong Da, also said: “The roses of VinaTAB production have higher prices, but it is real gold, that is a reason why I always choose them to give my girlfriend, I would like to send to her my whole heart and true value.”

Especially, on Vietnamese Women’s Day, VinaTAB have introduced a new gift – a small statue of Vietnam Women coated with 24K gold. This is a meaningful gift for Grandmas, Moms, and sisters. Statues are skillful designs with features of Vietnamese woman in traditional uniform: Ao dai and palm-leaf conical hat.

Luxurious gift market is mixed between real gold and fake gold, which it is difficult to recognize. Only those who have a lot of experiences or the gold shops can know how to identify and compare. Valentine’s season, International Women’s Day 8/3 and Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10 are coming, be careful to become wise consumers when selecting products with clear certification of origin.

Please contact the following address to buy real gold plated roses of VinaTAB:

Hotline: 19006479

Office hours: 0903.661.954 / 090 373 6789/0902 316 316

Website: http: // Email:



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